The Lab

The Large-scale Virtualization and Modeling Lab (LVML) is an established laboratory of excellence for research and education in 3D visualization, auralization, and Geographic Information Systems. A particular focus is on the use of 3D point clouds for interdisciplinary approaches to GIS-based analysis and informed design processes. The interdisciplinary collaboration between architects and planners has made LVML an innovative place to develop new workflows between planning and design that inform the design process with high scientific precision. The LVML has been planned, equipped, operated and continuously updated as an interdepartmental collaboration between D-ARCH and D-BAUG who provide the facilities and jointly operate the LVML to meet the respective demands of research, teaching and practice. Since 2023, the LVML is integrated into the cross-departmental initiative Design++.


LVML Survey Equipment // Physical spaces are digitized using selected sensors such as photography, sound recording, noise intensity, temperature measurement, and laser scanning. The survey enables a more holistic representation of objects and environments, facilitating applications in the fields of architecture, urban planning, and environmental analysis.


LVML Computer Room (HIL H40.8) // Analytical and prospective studies are guided by modeling survey data using digital methods such as photogrammetry, geographic information systems and point cloud modeling. Open-source software, software development and testing are actively fostered.


LVML Audiovisual Room (HIL H40.5) // Digital models are represented through immersive exploration by visualizing and aurealising existing and imaginary environments using virtual reality. The virtualization holds the potential to enhance our perception and interaction with physical spaces, thereby contributing to improved design, functionality, and co-creation.

Room Calendar

Members of the Design++ initiative can reserve the LVML equipment and LVML rooms at the ETH Hönggerberg HIL H-floor. After verifying room availability in the public calendar (below), Design++ members can submit a booking request by sending a calendar invitation (respectively to or by including: Name of the event/course, Name and E-Mail of the responsible contact person). Door access and computer access will be provided subsequentially.

Ecosystem Services in Urban Landscapes

“Ecosystem Services in Urban Landscapes” 2016-2021 Singapore Futures Cities Laboratory (FCL) Green spaces such as parks and gardens, and urban river networks, provide cities with...

Blue-Green Infrastructures

Landscape Ecology

Topology Course Series

The Elective Course series “Topology” studies places in their many facets. Students will learn how to use laser-scanning technology, 3D point cloud modeling and sonic techniques to analyze the existing setting and to craft new perspectives of a landscape.